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Fall Semester is in full swing! Order a Fall Fun Package today! Preorders close on 9/7.

The students are back for another fantastic semester, and we’ve got the perfect way to bring some extra joy and excitement to them with our Fall Fun Package!

What's Filled Inside:

· Munchies: A Bodo’s Bagels Gift Card plus other assorted snacks that will fuel their mid-day snacking and late-night study sessions

· Caffeine Boost: Grit Coffee Card that will surely make a morning brighter

· Sweet Treat: One dozen sugar coin cookies from One Creative Cookie will delight any sweet tooth!

Why You'll Love It:

· Connect: Send a little happiness and positive vibes to let them know you're thinking of them

· Uplift Their Spirits: Chase away any homesickness with a burst of delight

· Spread Joy: Give them something to look forward to!

How to Make Their Day:

· Add a personal touch with your heartfelt message

· Sit back and relax – we'll handle the packaging and delivery!

Ready to Send Smiles?

Don't miss out on this chance– order now and get ready to see all the smiling faces!

Preorders close on Thursday, September 7th! We will deliver the following Thursday, September 14th.

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